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MJH MyHome Customer app allows users to view the most current updates as their new home is being built. They can view their progress stages, find out information in the FAQ section and their contacts, as well as download their photo’s anytime to share with family and friends. Now the most exciting feature of the app if let users engage in a way by facilitating them with MyChoice Style Guide and digital scrapbook, setting up followup appointments.

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Key Features

The purpose is to use data more effectively & guide throughout the customer journey that shall further assist in tailoring the customer experience to meet the customer needs, and let them easy access to data easily access everything they have saved, uploaded and filled.
- Building Customer Profiles: In the background a profile is already created in the background in CRM pushing the styles they like and any other information gathered from their social pages when they login
- Digital Scapbook: Once signed up the customer can browse designs and add them to a scrapbook area

- Style Guide: Using the data already collected for the customer and they are presented either in person or virtually with their style customised to their home design selected. (This could reduce the customer feeling overwhelmed by the number of decisions they need to make)
- digital Hubs: Digital hubs are setup so that the customer can self service and showcase designs and give that feeling of space
- Customer Appointments: Pushed out schedules to the mobile app for follow up appointments. Sales are presented with tasks for appointments
- Meta Tags: Augmented Reality they can show details of the display home such as upgrades, colours, promotions and upgrades
- Real Time: See in real time what’s happening onsite down to deliveries from within the App
- Customer to do list: Remind customers of the tasks they need to do as they progress on their journey

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