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Being a multiple dimensional team, our focus is to lay down solid foundation by selecting the best strategy and then by equipping the application with UI/UX as per latest standards. Next is to ensure low latency code with thoroughly QA tested application. After launch hyper care support ensure feedback points are attended on priority. Transparency and effective communication make sure every all the aspects are well covered and attended.

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With experience of over 5+ years in delivering market trending Web and Mobile applications our champion team have delivered products for almost all shades of verticals. Whether its Startup, SME’s or Big corporations our commitment and zeal to deliver the best make us their number 1 choice. We are focused toward delivering scalable applications keeping in mind best business practices which adds further value to our client’s funding. We believe in ever improving process which is to learn from every project delivered and evaluate ways to improve further. Industry is moving very fast, we brainstorm to deliver a solution which effectively targets the user base, improve the operating expenses and gives direct competition even to the established player.

With prominence of Open Banking, there are many startups who have foreseen the growth this industry holds as their is huge of room for improvisation, innovation & growth in this domain. Secure Authorization, Recurring Payments & setting up the schedule, Transaction handling and processing, Tracking transaction history — some of the most required features.

As the name suggest - take the advantage of the technology and make technology understand the things with little human way - Object Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Human Body Pose, and Body parts detection, improving pressure points for improving athlete’s performance and much more.

Online tutoring, lesson planning and education services have been the new normal and with every business now preferring online mode even specialised industries like universities, schools & learning center's website and app offer perfect solution every problem for this space. With blend of technology with the conventional learning methods online education systems offer great value.

Industry for online shopping has never been like this and is still growing in an unimaginable fashion. With users able to get better discounts, deals and offers over the shopping apps/website online shopping is going to grow for many more years to come and enjoy even larger share. With features like beautiful & seemless UI experiences and features like advance filter, Rating & Reviews, Ordering placement and tracking, Loyalty & referral Programs, Cart & Payment..

With technological advancements and health being given a great priority there are lot of thing, activities and aspects around this domain which have gone online. This has significantly improved the insights especially with the emergence of wearable devices. We consider video call/chat for doctors with patients, Calendar management, IoT Integrations, advanced dashboards & Integration with HealthKits, Google Fit and other kits as few important must have’s.

Healthcare along with perfect blend of fitness trackers, smartwatches and other wearables, the fitness industry is transforming into a niche which hold great growth potential. With fitness as one of the prime goal of individual mobile apps are helping greatly to get great returns. Concentrating on Activity tracker and visualisation, Workout Videos, scheduling, Personalized & individual courses to obtain particular objective, Gamification feature for keep pushing the user for better results.

Connections, connection and even more connections. Yes we live a very thinly knitted world now-a-days. Being closely connected with family & loved one’s is what we call human. Social apps help us achieve just that in a seemless way and we always feel we are not far off from each other we know.

You can plan to do party or go for tracking with close one’s or just host an event and invite the like minded over dinner or movie. All is possible with social apps.


This category of services can be summed up as "Uber for…”, Food Delivery” or something similar like "Airbnb", have been one of the greatest interest over past 2 years. Industry for on-demand service has been growing and has seen exponential increase in demand.




We offer full spectrum of offshore mobile and web application development services assisting you to capture the real strengths of technology resulting in maximizing your investments. For mobile application development we have expertise with Native as well as Cross platform application and can choose between any approach for launching to iTunes to Playstore. Both Native and Cross platform offer resilient way of app development with wide technology stack to be chosen for the backend. For web application development our focus is toward architecture, performance, development velocity & ease of maintenance. At every stage we invest time to pin pint areas which needs more time investment and prioritise our efforts accordingly.

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