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Business Process Management: How can Mobile Apps can help in increasing productivity?

As a mobile application development company, during my journey, I have experienced that executing the business in a lucrative way is indeed challenging. It’s a kind of voyage which is full of uncertainty, struggles and some time even makes you feel low . For any scale of business we have our own challenges and a lot of dynamic set of processes are needed which further require changes depending on various factors and situations. Due to this you can easily lose path of various important aspects at very important times. And even after so much effort, sacrifices and hardship, things can still turn out to be frustrating for you.

We are programmed in a way that we always put in our best efforts to grow both personally and professionally and what can be more disheartening when we can see it going down the flush.

Technology is here to support us and ensure we give efforts where it demands the most. There are many important aspects to any business’s growth and one of the concepts is - BPM applications, which can help you solve the business jigsaw and ultimately lead your businesses towards consistency, growth and profitability.

Lets understand what are the BPM Applications?

When we set up a business we have a certain set of core processes in mind that will act as a structure and guidelines for our business. And when we talk of mobile business process management applications – we take into account all these processes which are important to the business and can help improve the efficacy further with organized workflows, tools and mobile apps. BPM applications can be developed for almost all verticals but with one vision that is to make business processes more effective & efficient.

Now the question which might be in your mind is - Do I need Business Process Management Application?

Eventually we all are humans and conventional means of pen and paper are error prone. BPM applications give you an option to take more control over your business processes.

BPM applications helps us immensly in making the business processes more effective by minimizing the time to process one bit of task, enhance/boost inter organization communication, and help you get precise insight into how a particular process/resources/team is performing in real-time.

Even though traditional business process management software has helped businesses solve some of these, there are still a number of pain areas which have not been attended to by these softwares in an effective manner.

Cloud BPM applications are developed with one thing in mind - they address the business challenges and help make business more effective than ever before.

Getting Started With BPM Applications

BPM applications are pretty easy to implement provided you pick the right platform. Some BPM applications require you to have understanding of the code or be proficient with terminologies and notations.

So the main question is : How can BPM applications actually assist in improving productivity?

Further in this blog we will answer all your queries. After conducting the indepth market research, considering our own workflow & various other case studies – we have jotted some techniques BPM apps can help in improving your business efficacy.

5 Ways BPM applications can increase your business productivity

1. Helping you in onboarding the perfect candidates in the least time bracket.

To any organization or business, recruiting the right candidate is the start point of an effective business process.
The process of hiring the right candidates is never easy and requires continuous effort and time. You have to go through each and every candidacy, search for the candidates on various portals, organize interviews, and lastly select the candidate.This whole process can take months before selecting the candidate who meets the expectations.

This is where BPM apps will come into picture and can assist you in cutting the time and effort significantly.

Here’s how:
One of the easiest way for smoothing out the above mentioned process will be the implementation of CRM like Salesforce integration services.

You will not be required to spend your time on doing hours of tracking the ideal resource for you. Rather, the CRM will automate the process and help you by listing all the matching of candidates as per our requirements and needs. Once the initial screening process is done, you can use LinkedIn to contact the shortlisted candidates, set up interviews using Trello/ProofHub & message/email using MailChimp and even conduct interview online using Skype or related tools.

Furthermore, we can integrate all these apps and make them work seamlessly.

2. Onboarding candidates without any hassle

Once the selection is done the second challenging task is onboarding the candidate where HR or related officials will have to repeat over and over the processes etc to all the candidates. Onboarding can take some time and in some organizations it may take half a day or even more.

Now just imagine that you invested in getting some kind of website or mobile app that can assist the resources throughout the onboarding process, with little or not much involvement of HR. Not only this they can refer to this Mobile application or website anytime they want to know anything.

Well, many organizations these days are already doing that and already have custom web and mobile applications developed, which assists the resources in explaining about the company, culture and even assists them with complex documentation processes and gets going in more easy ways. UI/X of these mobile applications and websites is interactive so that users enjoy them and keep the candidates engaged.

To sum up, these mobile and web apps assist in saving lots of time and effort. The time which HR and IT guys will be spending on the candidate onboarding can be spent on other productive and more important tasks.

3. Sales processes can be streamlined

Sales is one most important department to any organisation whether big or small and work they do directly impacts the organization’s growth. One small mistake and there can be huge loss.

As every client is different and has different set of requirements so there is lot of manual work which every sales guy has to put in and it can be very hectic. So, the probability of making mistakes increases.

Now, you might be relating this to yourself and thinking: What we can do here?

Now, that’s where business process management (BPM) and cloud CRM solutions come in and help businesses in automating the processes like customer management, keeping track of the lead and follow-up, invoice tracking & approval and much much more. This streamlines the process and also reduces the errors and mistakes.

4. BPM - The accounts department

One of the favorite departments for all employees is accounts as they are the one releasing salary on time to us. However this department is often overloaded with work requiring them to do lots of paperwork for each and every transaction made.

With this there are chances that mistakes could be made and may require a lot of effort at a later stage to rectify that.

Here, the business process management tools like Tally, ClearTax help the accounts department to automate the processes, thus reducing a significant amount of effort and getting the job done with precision.

5. Other processes within the company

Within the organization we have different departments all contributing to the organization's growth. There are mobile applications available on iTunes and Playstore developed by some of the best mobile application development companies which can help in a smooth and seamless workflow. For example you are in the trucking business and want to get the everybit of information regarding the vehicle like speed, distance covered, shortest path etc. There are mobile applications available which can assist you greatly.

Some commonly used mobile applications or website development solutions which we can use are:

  • - Microsoft teams, ClickUp and Basecamp for quick and efficient exchange of information and acting as a bridge between the entire team.
  • - Skype or Pidgin for easy communication.
  • - Integromat allowing us to integrate different apps
  • - Tools like 1password to help keep all passwords in one place

Conclusion: This is the time to move to Next Level of productivity.

Majority of the organization bear the burn of non productivity at one stage or another due to some factors like problem tracking, manual work etc.

Be proactive rather than Reactive. Automating your business processes to cut the process time and eventually increase margins.

We at Acuratech Global have taken the use of systems and are delivering the project on time within stipulated time frame. Business process management applications have assisted us in keeping track of our productivity at every level and that is the reason we are a leading mobile app development company. All thanks to various Business process management applications due to which we have been offering outsourcing services in India and all over the world.

Hurry up and get your business on track. Drop us a line and contact us right now.