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How you can retain and keep your app users engaged

If you have invested in creating an application, you will want the users to download the application and also ensure users use the application regularly. Engaging the users will assist you in generating the revenues by widening the options like In-App purchases, Ads etc.
There are few important questions which need to be given utmost respect like - Why are users deleting the app once they have downloaded? Or users are putting the apps in a folder named- Less frequently used or never to be used again?
This blog will answer all your queries and help you understand the intricacies involved with this after launch process.

There are few fundamental issues which you need to check which may make the users to forget about your app:

App Crashes

If an app's concept is good, Many users will download the app but only few will keep it. Just make sure the app is thoroughly tested on various devices with different OS.

Slow Performance

Do you like apps which take ages to fetch and show the data? So does everyone. If the app is slow people will not stick around longer.

Some of the apps provide free features which your app is providing as paid

When we talk of competition, you have to offer new users and also the old one’s benefit over the already established player. Who won’t like a free subscription or a discount.

Too many Ads

If advertisement is the monetization source for the app then you need to keep a perfect balance between too much and too little. While users are in the middle of something interesting/important and clicks the advertisement by mistake it ruins the whole experience.

Sign-Up Requirements

Signup/registration process can be a frustrating process as it requires some of your information like Mobile No, email , DOB etc. You need to analyze if the sign-up process should be mandatory or if users can do it later or is it required at all or not.. For example a simple meditation app or 10 min daily exercise app should not require signup at all (provided it does not have other functionality), or a shopping cart or on demand services app should let the user browse through the services and products without sign-up.


Quality focussed approach

This is already on everybody’s mind and everyone understands what this means. However this is one of the most important pillar and plays a critical role in achieving the desired results in every aspect.

Does your mobile application freeze or crashing? Did you tested your application on various mobile versions? A new update is released, did you tested the app on it? How often did you responded to customer queries or complaints? How intuitive your mobile application is?

You need to test your mobile application inside out and ensure 0 bug tolerance.

Question yourself about the app’s usefulness and user base

You being the mobile app owner, have to be honest about the app’s actual functionality and how it is impacting the users. You need to put forward some questions to yourself - Are users using the application continuously or very seldom. Is app easy to understand and use? Have you explained the app features and functionalities thoroughly.

Having wrong customers will do you no good.

One of the most critical and important factor here is that you did not marketed your mobile application properly. Marketing usually starts before you launch the application and if not done properly it can impact the user base and retention. You need to keep a close eye on the marketing efforts and check if it is helping you grow in right way or not and if you are getting the right customers or not. Keep in revising and improvising. For example our targeted audience is young professional and you are investing heavily on Facebook evenly distributed platform and at the same time losing popularity.

Strike a balance between free and paid model

If you are planning to make your application free to download or it is already free, you can even out the balance by making the application free to download for first month or quarter or make some of the features free. Bear in mind that feature set you make free should actually be usable and should make the user think to opt for paid subscription(full app access)

App uniqueness and adding value

Is you app features and functionality unique and how does it add value when compared to already available apps? How does your app stand out? How is this app better than the competitors? Why will people choose your app? Will it be worth the user’s time and money?

These are some of the questions you need to ask by putting the thinking cap on.

Even if there are apps available which are quite similar to yours that doesn't mean your app cant excel or succeed. All you need is an execution done to perfection, features and functionalities which matches or exceeds the competitors and fun to use.

Do give your best to the UI/UX as a simple aspect like App Icon or logo can play a critical part in your app’s promotion and giving it a recall factor.

Make effective use of Notifications

Is your application powered with a notification feature? If yes, trigger notifications at various junctures to keep users informed about the status or next action needs to be performed. For example for an appointment booking application we can trigger notification at registration, when a new appointment is placed notification about appointment confirmation for the service provider and also for the servicer seeker and more.

Ask for user feedback and reason to delete the app

Make the app prompt periodically to prompt for user feedback and how they are finding the app and if they have any suggestions to make. Also ask for the reasons from the users

Take advantage of inbuilt features

Application can take advantage of some of the inbuilt functions like Photos, Time, Date, Calendar etc. Make use of these wherever required.
There are thousands of companies publishing the apps on regular basis. All you need to do is to question yourself before implementing any aspects or starting on with any phase of app development.